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What you are concerned about in your life right now is of vital importance.  Be assured that whatever the struggles might be, simply visiting Kardia means that your work has already begun.   Here you will find information about individual, couple and family counseling services.  Kardia also offers customized programs for marital counseling, weight loss and academic enhancement.  Regardless of the offerings that best fit your current needs, there is hope for betterment.  Kardia will help you get to the heart of the matter and life will get better!


Your work has already begun!



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Kardia launches Walk & Talk Therapy.  Ask about this innovative form of counseling and therapy.


Randy facilitates Elements of Intimacy seminar to couples in marriage prep retreat.


Kardia moves across the

hall to new a location.  Come visit the new Suite 206!

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Getting to the heart of the matter.


Heart:         The center of one’s soul, one’s mind, one’s will, one’s character.